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We always start new adventures with best of intentions. We make changes to our nutrition, make promise to ourselves to train more often and to be disciplined. But somehow we lose motivation after only a few days, weeks, months or after our first failure.

What is the main problem here?

Main problem is that we except things to go our way and very quickly at that. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way and we have to be aware of that if we want to make a change in ourselves.

If you are reading this and you have trouble with motivation, I’m going to lay down 3 ways to make positive changes and to keep them.


Knowing that change is good for us and will to make a change are 2 completely different things. You have to want change to make a very important step.


Believing is a key if we want to stay motivated. Common obstacle to success of some training program and nutrition plan is not believing that what we are doing will make any change. Example; eating healthy is relatively easy to accept, but when a trainer says to a client that he needs to eat more to lose weight, then it becomes a problem because it is hard to accept something that doesn’t sound logical at first.


Finding positive things despite obstacles is key of staying motivated and in that part of your journey a trainer can make significant difference. In the end, everyone needs to believe in themselves and their own capabilities of reaching goals they want, but when it gets tough, trainer is a person that will remind you why you started, how far you’ve come and what you still need to do to reach your goal.

The best part of training is that it never stops. Think about this; when you reach your goal, what do you plan next? Are you going to stop or make new goals to conquer and start over? If you stop, good chances are that you’ll regress the progress you’ve made. So, it is very likely that you’ll keep going and create new challenges for yourself. It is in our human nature to make new challenges for ourselves because when we finish them, we feel satisfaction of completion. Remember that training is a lifelong process, so always find new ways to make your training journey fun and interesting. If you’re going one period to the gym, switch it for home training. Then switch home training for training in nature. In warmer months you can run and/or ride a bike. Possibilities are endless and I highly recommend to explore them.

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