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Season of illness is here with the already existing pandemic of Covid19. When you have the flu or catch a cold, do you need to sweat it out training or do you need to rest for a few days?

In other words, do you need to train when you are sick?

You have seen it already, a person wrapped in a jacket that sneezes and coughs next to you while you train. Now you’re thinking if this person should have stayed home and not being in the gym infecting all the equipment? Since it can easily happen to you too, it is good to know should you train when sick?

Your immune system works hard to defend you against all possible bad bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. Your white blood cells have a memory that allows them to recognize specific pathogens and defend when those same pathogens appear again.

When you have first signs of illness, like for example coughing and sneezing, and you immediately want to switch training for a couch, wait. One of the best parameters for readiness for training is where the symptoms are located. If the symptoms are located above your shoulders which means you head (sneezing, couching, headache), but the rest of the body is fine, you’re good to go training. If the symptoms are below your shoulders (muscle aches, back pain, overall fatigue), then it is better to wait for a few days.

Also there are other factors to consider when it comes to illness and sickness. Factors like: how old you are, your sex, how well your body is trained and the quality of your sleep.

And to answer the main question: should you train inside fitness center when sick?

If you don’t want to infect other trainees, then it is best to stay home or catch some fresh air because all it takes is one cough or a sneeze and you’ve spread the virus throughout the whole gym and damaged the health of all who exercise.

When we’re talking about Covid-19, you should definitely skip training in a crowded fitness center if you have any symptoms. Also if you’re positive to Covid, don’t exercise for the first 10 or more days until your body isn’t recovered at least a little bit. Then you can start training gradually until you’re back into your old shape. But be careful and listen to your body.

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