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If you ever wondered how many calories certain junk food has, you’re in luck because I wondered the exactly the same thing so I decided to do a little research and calculate things. Below is the list and how many calories it contains. Exact number of macro-nutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) is difficult to assess. Of course all of this varies with add-ons like salad dressings, juices, dough, fries, sauces, creams etc. The more food add-ons, the more caloric bomb it is.

  • Pizza (regular): 1200 – 1500kcal
  • Pizza (jumbo): 2000+ kcal

  • Ćevapi (portion of 10): 900-1000kcal
  • Ćevapi (portion of 15): 1000-1300kcal
  • Ćevapi (portion of 20): 1500-2000kcal

  • Kebab: 500-1000kcal (depending on the size)

  • Zeljanica, sirnica, krompiruša (500g): 800+ kcal
  • Burek (500g): 1000+ kcal

  • Burger: 500+ kcal

  • Potato fries (regular size): 500+ kcal

  • Pancake (Nutella only): 400+ kcal – more add-ins like coconut, ice cream, more calories.

  • Coke 0.3 small can: 120kcal

  • Coke  0.5: 200kcal

  • Beer 0.5l: 200kcal

  • Large popcorn with butter: 900kcal

  • Regular popcorn with butter: 600kcal

These estimates are roughly 85% accurate because like I wrote earlier, the exact number is difficult to assess if you don’t prepare food yourself. But if you’re counting calories, this list can help you stay in shape.

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