These results are more than just transformations. Some clients want to feel better, some want to get rid of their back pain, others want to lose belly fat. Results vary from person to person and they depend on each person’s discipline, work ethic and will power. On this page you’ll find results from just handful of clients whose resuls are physicaly visible. There are many more clients whose results are not physicaly visible, but have made tremendous mental results that just can’t be shown with pictures. Congratulations to them all for their accomplishments.



For too long I was unaware of my unhealthy lifestyle. Like most people, I had many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. Then the moment finally came when I became furious because of the small things I couldn’t physically do. I realized that it is easier to take care of myself than to carry this burden. I had to change my habits from the ground up.

The most important thing was to gain habit of regular training. Also, it was important to incorporate this new way of life into my daily schedule and beat the hunger in a healthy way. With nutrition, Sanjin didn’t complicate much. I had 3 meals every day. 3 eggs and 2 slices of bread or 2 slices of peanut butter and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner always had meat (protein), side (pasta, potatoes or rice) and veggies. It is very important to keep sugar to a minimum. That is the problem for most people. In the beginning, I trained 3 times per week and every training I trained my whole body. I did mainly strength and endurance exercises. After a few months I started going to the swimming pool, first once a week and later twice.

For years I was ashamed to be in any pictures because of my stomach. Then I finally decided to seek help. After searching the internet, I decided to contact Sanjin. I liked his approach immediately when he said that focus isn’t to lose belly fat or 10kg, but on the next 24 hours. We went step by step on my fitness journey.

In the beginning, I was extremely lazy when I had to exercise, but today I couldn’t imagine my life without exercising. My meals were simple and in accordance with my budget. I lost over 9kg and gained 2kg of muscle which was very important for my health. After losing unwanted weight, I had to surgically remove excess skin from my stomach. I must say that I feel 15 years younger. I’ve built my self esteem and today, being in pictures is no problem for me.


If there are any doubts or skepticism concerning working with Sanjin Imanic, here are a few facts tied to his work. With expert supervision and exercising in the period of almost 3 months, I have lost 12 kg. From 95kg to 83kg. This is a recommendation for everyone. Sanjin best of luck with your work!

The results were amazing to me! My waist circumference decreased by 6cm in 2 weeks, my body got in shape, and my will and energy were at a very high level. With the nutrition plan and daily monitoring and Sanjin’s online surveillance, I was able to reach my goal in a disciplined manner.

The exercises were tailored to my abilities with a slight increase in demands. I warmly recommend everyone to try and not look for excuses. The trainings doesn’t last long, you do it during the day when you can, and Sanjin is there to support you – through video tutorials, follow-up, feedback. Visible results will surprise you. It’s worth accepting the offer!


Leyla came with a goal to gain weight. She was almost anorexic. After 2 months of training, Leyla has increased her weight from 47 to 58kg. Problem areas were knee pain and bad posture and all of those were fixed. Strength increased drastically. Her body is now stronger and more injury resistant.

Client spend training 3-4 hours per week, but the rest 164 hours are key for success. The results are created when the body is resting from training by eating properly and sleeping adequately.

After a tough life situation, this client started to train regularly and in the beginning she lost over 15kg. Only then we took the before picture with 116kg and with training and discipline she managed to lost extra 22kg.

Tough life situations can make training process difficult, but the important thing is to not get disappointed and just keep going forward. Progress is progress, it doesn’t matter if its 2 or 20 kilograms. Waist in the first picture is 129cm and in the second one 100cm. She lost unbelievable 29cm of waist.



Years of laziness and poor diet have left so many traces on me that at the age of 33 I began to fear diabetes and various diseases caused by a bad lifestyle and obesity itself. In many attempts, like most, I gave up and then I found Sanjin Imanic and decided to work with him. Sanjin is a simple, communicative and reliable coach who will help you reach your goals without a doubt.

The diet plan is so simple which anyone can follow and at no point was I hungry nor at any point did I felt bad. The training plan was also tailored for me and with a lot of desire and will I followed it and it continues to work for me. Many recommendations for Sanjin. -12kg in less than 2 months without starving myself. -12.6cm of waist. Thank you coach for your help and a big bow to you. Respect!


Sanjin – Your Personal Trainer

After working for so many years, I wanted to experience the things my clients are going through. I also wanted to see if my programs are 100% efficient. For half a year I ate huge amounts of calories, but during that time I didn’t stop training regularly. When I ”arrived” at 110kg, it was time for fat loss. In 3.5 months, following my training program and nutrition plan, I lost 19kg and returned to my regular weight of 91kg.

Did I enjoy eating whatever I wanted? Not really. Our brain tries to trick us by presenting junk and sweat food as something beautiful and magical. But as soon we start to eat it, we feel sluggish and slow. I think that we are all aware of that. The most beautiful feeling was when I lost extra weight and I felt light as a feather. Efficiency of my training programs and nutrition plans is clearly shown in my pictures above.